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Female/Finland. I draw a comic and lurk in a fandom or two

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Nov 2 '12

Anonymous asked:

I know there's a lot of ChieXJon shippers out there. So I was curious, do you also ever see them awkwardly being together or not at all?

Uuuuhh tough one……….

Jon x Chie? There are reasons I would ship it (height difference is my moe for one thing), but there are also pretty heavy reasons why I wouldn’t ship it. So I really can’t tell you what’s up hahaha

In any case the development of their dynamic is something I’ve put a lot of thought into and I think it’ll be one of the more interesting aspects of the story :)

Nov 1 '12

Anonymous asked:

why do you post the pages online so slowly are you trying to get us to buy the book because I need to read all of them like burning but i have no moNEY

Twice a week is slow for you anon? You know what, there’s actually gonna be a hiatus after chapter 2… And chapter 3 will be updated once a week

Sorry! But I need to maintain a huge buffer because I don’t work on this thing page-by-page webcomic style. I need to have the whole chapter finished and printed before the first page can be posted online. Also writing & drawing this comic takes a buttload of time. Also I think it’s kinda fair for the buyers to get their content before others 

Still I’m really happy that you’ve enjoyed the webcomic version so far and hope you’ll have patience with the updates in the future :’)

Oct 31 '12

Anonymous asked:

Is the Ace of Spades thing a ranking or something? Or is it just random? o w o

The ranks are trainee < patrol officer < senior officer < blackcoat

Senior officers can be rewarded card titles for special merits. Blackcoats have card titles by default; they’re Aces and Kings/Queens of the deck.

With a card title you get some fancy benefits (though I haven’t decided all of them yet). A personal office room in the HQ is one.

Can’t remember why I went with the card idea originally, but I was interested in card symbolism at some point and I guess it’s just cooler for a famous officer to have a nickname to go by. Ace of Spades is commonly known as the “death card” so there you have it, hahaha :-D

Oct 9 '12

fuckyeahfuckno asked:

So ey. Don't know nothing about no shipping, ain't no good at THAT, but I'm listening to that mixtape you put together right now and I got to say, it's pretty inspiring, if nothing else for the fact that like 70% of my music consists of OSTs from games and movies. Which is also fun, but I've been neglecting music outside of OSTs so much now. Listening to Röyksopp right now - amazing! I gotta tune into the radio more. Thanks for making this, broski.

Hey great to hear that broski! Wishing you an excellent journey into the depths of non-soundtrack music :)

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Sep 24 '12

fuckyeahfuckno asked:

I would honestly kill to live in a place like Jon. And by "honestly kill" I mean "ambitiously check the apartment-offers in the newspaper and politely apply for an appropriate apartment." Did Jon kill for his apartment?

Haha don’t we all want to live in fancy penthouse apartments :’D Jon’s a wealthy dude so he can afford it. I don’t see him as the type who actually cares about luxuries though. The place is probably scattered with ugly crappy furniture

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Sep 22 '12

OH YOU GUYS thanks for being such generously supportive kawaii mofos! I truly have some awesome readers let me tell you ahhh ;;;;

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Sep 22 '12

yabasha asked:

I must say, that your comic is lovely and I've been enjoying it immensely! I noticed that your style somewhat resembles Hiromu Arakawa's (author of Fullmetal Alchemist). Is that a coincidence, or has she been an influence on your style? Either way, keep up the work, I can't wait to see more from you! =')

Thanks! I get this a lot and yeah, Fullmetal Alchemist is important to me. I was a faithful reader of the scanlations for it’s entire run (almost ten years) and loved every chapter, so the influence must’ve rubbed on me more or less.

However I’m blind to my own style and don’t really get where people see the resemblance exactly! I’m not particularly impressed by Arakawa’s character designs so I didn’t imitate those on purpose at least. Her art is quite badass otherwise, though. Especially the action scenes!

Sep 22 '12

Anonymous asked:

Thanks for elaborating on your writing process! it is always nice to hear what's happening behind the story and you tend to talk more about character design and other visual sections of your creative process more so more pondering about the writing is nice (◕‿◕✿)

Great, I’m glad you’re interested! I was worrying all this discussion about my writing would mostly bore people haha. But fuck the police, if there’s anything you’re wondering about the story or characters, I’m always willing to elaborate (while gracefully avoiding to give out spoilers of course). Ask away!

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Sep 21 '12

Anonymous asked:

I think what you said about the chief being the mother is really cool and good way to conceptualize that character - but maybe something that should be shown over time through actions & allusions instead of that specific line. I think what comes off as "cliche" about stuff like that is that it's just like the easiest, quickest way to address this big abstract relationship/idea - when something a little more subtle might be more interesting! just an opinion though

Weeell I don’t expect the reader to realize how serious she is about the family thing yet… So far there’s only a single line vaguely hinting at it after all :D In future chapters there will be a scene or two where the chief will more obviously rationalize her actions with her ideas about family and a mother’s duties. Look forward to it!

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Sep 21 '12

Anonymous asked:

A linear story actually is a good idea when you are an inexperienced writer. I could still advice you to maybe try avoiding really cliched elements e.g. chief going "we are your family now" and whatnot. You should be one step ahead of the readers so try to play it to your advantage. Playing with expectations doesn't even have to end to a gag, it can be used in a serious manner too. Do you feel natural with writing jokes into the story? They seem kind of out of place at times so I wanted to ask.

Hahaha… I guess there are details in the writing that may seem a little too cheesy depending on the reader. There are scenes that could’ve been entirely serious, but I don’t personally mind having the occasional tongue-in-cheek moment so I end up with stuff like this:

The part about family was relevant to keep because it’s an idea the chief actually believes in. She presents herself as this idealistic mother figure to her people, though of course that’s not the whole truth of her character. It takes a tough boss to lead all those tough people :’)

I’m pretty spontaneous with jokes, so if I come up with a decent one, I’ll usually go with it because what’s the harm, right? I totally see what you mean though; it’s going to be challenging once I get to the more serious chapters, keeping the mood intact and not ruining it with badly-placed jokes. Thanks for the feedback!

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